Now, during the wartime in Ukraine, the production time may increase from those described below and the possibility of sending may change, for reasons beyond our control. Thank you for understanding!

Each product from our collection is unique and is made in only a few copies, so if the required standard size is not available, we have the possibility of tailoring by Pre-order. A table of standard sizes is provided in each product, and you can also study it in the Size Chart section. If your height or volumes are less or more than our standards, then we have Individual tailoring, taking into account growth and other features of the figure.

All current prices are listed on our website. The designation of the price “from …” means that:

  • when ordering small and medium sizes up to XL inclusive, according to our Size Chart – the price does not change;
  • when ordering very large sizes (XXL +), according to our Size Chart – the price is automatically increased by 30%;
  • when ordering Individual tailoring (this is a separate size in the product, where you then need to enter your individual measurements in the notes) – the price is automatically increased by 40%;
  • that is, by choosing the size and color you need in the product, the price is displayed automatically, and information about the availability or pre-order of this size and color appears.

Lead times for pre-orders:

  • production of standard sizes 7-14 working days, depending on the model;
  • when ordering several products, the production time increases automatically;
  • the order is executed after 100% payment, see Payment section;
  • Delivery times can be found in the Delivery section.

When tailoring to Pre-order in a standard size, the fit depends entirely on the correct ratio of your measurements with our Size Chart.

  • Upon receipt by you of a product of a standard size, made by Pre-Order (under a contract), and in case of detection of any shortcomings, shortcomings in it (deviations from the terms of the Order), you have the right immediately, but no later than 3 days from the date of receipt of the order, report deficiencies. To do this, you will need to send us detailed photos of the deficiencies you have discovered.
  • Deviations from the terms of the Order (product defects) that have arisen due to the fault of the Customer (for example, the product does not fit according to the figure due to an incorrectly selected standard size according to our Size Table), or that are not dependent on the Contractor (for example, the features of the Customer’s figure) can be eliminated by us for an additional fee (at the expense of the Customer). The term is negotiated additionally. Or the Customer can independently apply for the elimination of such shortcomings in any studio chosen by him. Product defects caused by the Manufacturer (for example, uneven stitching, fabric defects, etc.) will be eliminated at our expense.
  • Items made to Pre-Order in standard sizes are non-refundable as the item is out of stock and made specifically for the Customer, but in some cases a replacement item is possible, see Returns Policy.
  • In the manufacture of pre-order standard sizes – the style does not change.