Welcome to Sarah Berlin, a designer studio for elegant, high-quality womenswear. 

Each product from our collection is unique and is made in only a few copies, so if the required size is not available, we have the possibility of tailoring by PRE-ORDER. Production times are listed below.

Our products in standard sizes are designed for a height of 166 – 172 cm.If your height is less or more, then we can make a PRE-ORDER according to your individual measurements, taking into account the height and other features of the figure.

Now, during the wartime in Ukraine, the production time and the possibility of sending may vary, for reasons beyond our control!

Terms of production of products by PRE-ORDER:

• standard sizes – production 3-7 working days, depends on the model;

• individual tailoring – production 5-10 working days, depends on the model;

• When ordering several products, the production time may increase.

Payment for products on PRE-ORDER:

  1. All current prices are listed on the website. The designation of the price “from …” means that when ordering very large sizes or individual tailoring, the price increases by 30% and 40%, respectively. That is, when you select the size and color you need, the price is reflected automatically.
  2. The product by PRE-ORDER is carried out on a 100% prepayment.
  3. After the product on PRE-ORDER has been paid by you and approved by both parties, the order is sent to production within a day and it can no longer be canceled or exchanged for another product.

Dear clients! Your choice of a standard size, by PRE-ORDER, depends entirely on the correct correlation of your measurements with our table. And also landing on a figure with individual tailoring by PRE-ORDER completely depends on the correctness of the measurements taken by you.

  1. Upon receipt of a PRE-ORDER item (under a work contract), and in case of revealing any shortcomings, shortcomings in it (deviations from the conditions of the Order), you have the right immediately, but no later than 3 days from the date of receipt of the order, to declare the identified shortcomings. To do this, you will need to send us detailed photos of the shortcomings you discovered.
  2. Please note that tailoring a product to individual measurements remotely (without a single fitting) cannot always guarantee the desired result due to the exceptional individuality of the figures. For our part, we will make every possible effort and try to negotiate with you all the nuances of your figure in order to make the perfect product specifically for your figure!
  3. Deviations from the conditions of the Order (product defects) that have arisen through the fault of the Customer (for example, the product does not fit the figure due to measurements that were not correctly taken by the Customer, etc.), or shortcomings that do not depend on us (for example, the features of the Customer’s figure) can be eliminated by the Customer independently in any atelier of his choice. Deficiencies of the product caused by the Manufacturer’s fault (for example, uneven stitching, defective fabric, etc.) will be eliminated at our expense.
  4. Products made by PRE-ORDER cannot be returned, as the product is out of stock and it is made specifically for the Customer. Replacement is possible, if there is a marriage on our part.
  5. When manufactured by PRE-ORDER in standard sizes – the style does not change.
  6. When manufactured by PRE-ORDER according to individual measurements, slight changes in the model are acceptable, that is, for example, the shape of the sleeve or the shape of the skirt as a whole does not change, but it is possible to close the neckline a little, lengthen the skirt a little, shorten the sleeves a little. The whole style as a whole remains the same as for the model, only the height, proportions and individual measurements of the Customer’s figure are taken into account.