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Leggings, shorts, trousers women’s designer clothes Sarah Berlin, Ukraine, own production.

Today classic women ‘s trousers are still on trend, but apart from the usual models of online designer clothing store Sarah Berlin is glad to offer you ultra-fashion shorts and trousers women from new collections.

Types of modern women ‘s shorts and trousers.

And if you wear office models to work, and bohemian options to the exhibition, no one will be surprised by this choice. Among the various variations of woman’s shorts in the catalogs of the famous brand are the following items:

  • Glamorous woman’s short shorts. Serve as a replacement for mini skirts, perfectly combined with tops, corsets and club jackets;
  • Women ‘s shorts with pockets. They have a free crown and a minimum details. They can be worn during working hours, go to them for a coffee break, or even to a pub after work;
  • Short women ‘s shorts with a high waist. Perfectly emphasize a figure. Good combination with bodie, long shirts filled inside.

Brand shorts women wear with shoes in high heels. Or with elegant shoe models on a low platform. Buy woman’s shorts & ndash; means to fill up own clothes with an uncommon thing which it is safely possible to call universal.

Women’s trousers – A ladies wardrobe classic that hasn’t led a replacement for a long time. Every fashionable girl has to buy women ‘s trousers for her basic set of things. Trousers are the perfect clothes for walking in cool weather. They can be combined with many sets of clothes, and are not demanding to pick shoes.

Trend pants are the following facets:

  • Women ‘s pants with a stripe. The right option for a party, or Sunday promenade shopping;
  • Wide classic trousers are female. Mean office style. Perfectly complement the image of a businesswoman;
  • Ultrawide women’s trousers. They look more elegant than a long skirt.
  • The made narrower trousers. Stylish trousers highlight every bend of the body, are appropriate in any situation, have “streak” basis;
  • Leggings and Dzhegginsa. Fashionable innovations can be made of denim, suede, leather, synthetic. They look good with tunics, short dresses and long tops. If you want legins to buy exactly by figure, consider that they are incredibly elastic.

The materials from which women’s trousers and shorts sew can be different. There are no certain restrictions here. There are shorts and pants female made of velvet, knitwear, cotton, flax, denim cloth, costume cloth, viscose and even silk. Styles of trousers women’s and shorts also change from season by season in the most improbable and courageous way.

The producer of designer Sarah Berlin clothes Ukraine offers original stylish branded women’s trousers, women’s shorts, leggings and also custom tailoring by your sizes in our studio.