About Us

Sarah Berlin is a Ukrainian womenswear brand founded by designer Kamila Berlin in 2015.

Creating bright and unique outfits that emphasize the femininity and uniqueness of its owner, inspired by the surrounding women, strong and gentle at the same time, the designer embodies the dreams of many of them, fills the lives of girls with bright colors and positive emotions.
The perfect fit, sophisticated cut and quality tailoring make Sarah Berlin fall in love at first sight. Many recognizable off-the-shoulder dresses and suits and lace-trimmed flying sundresses have already become bestsellers, out of season and time.

The designer skillfully uses an asymmetric cut, combines different textures of fabrics, ruffles, lace, while maintaining beauty and convenience, practicality and versatility, simplicity and chic, revealing his magical inner world of beauty.
What is beauty? Perhaps it is difficult to answer this question, because real beauty cannot be described in words, it must be felt, felt in Sarah Berlin clothes.

A Sarah Berlin-style girl is a bright, independent, successful, sexy, strong and at the same time gentle girl who has a magical energy of lightness and self-confidence.